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    Millennium Indraprastha Park at Sarai Kale Khan

    Life is too stressed out and there are ample reasons behind it. It could be due to excess office work, personal family issues, sleepless nights and so on. Most of the time the technical life even doesn't spare the family time. Thus, spending some quality time is the best way to deal with stress. A park full of lush green trees will not only improve health, but also relations.


    Millennium Indraprastha Park is located at Sarai Kale Khan which is a perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family. It is open to public on all the days between 7.00 am to 8.30 pm. It is spread over an area of 34 hectares which makes it spacious. It stretches over 2.7 km along the Ring Road. One can see various flowers that are planted beautifully. The trees are planted in rows and provides shade to the visitors.


    There are benches and stools placed inside the park for the visitors to sit and relax. The cottages have thatched roofs which looks beautiful. The best time to visit the park is during the mornings as the view is breathtaking. One can feel the freshness of the nature. It is calm and poised and is a sure place to get distressed. One can also use the walking time to network with people. A smile to the passerby can set your day. Millennium Indraprastha Park is the longest park of Delhi and attracts lots of crowd.

    5 parks in Delhi for a pleasant summer evening walk

    Go to nature, to be soothed and healed. Put your senses back in order by taking an evening walk in one of these beautiful parks in Delhi!

    Buddha Jayanti Park


    Buddha Jayanti Park is one of the most beautiful and popular parks in New Delhi, and was established to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment.

    The Lodi Garden


    Lodi Garden is a park with great historical significance. It is protected under the Archaeological Survey of India as it features the architectural work of the 15th century Aghan Dynasty.

    Japanese Park


    One of the favourite picnic spots of Delhi, sitting under the shade of a huge tree or watching exotic bird species in the Japanese Park located in Rohini can be a wonderful experience.

    National Rose Garden


    The National Rose Garden is solely dedicated to the symbol of love; a rose which brought to life poets and painters were inspired to create art.

    Deer Park


    Divided into sections which include the HauzKhas art market, the fountain, the duck park, picnic spots, the rabbit and deer fields and the old Mughal era monuments is perfect for all kinds of visitors.

    sci- fi themed snow park

    Did you know there’s a sci- fi themed snow park in town? Get ready for some ice in this heat!
    An area covered 100,000 sq ft, covering two floors located in DLF mall, Noida, this theme park literally has sleighing area where you can fly down the slope in sliders or a tube.


    Although you must be clothed fully as your knees might get really cold. Inside warm jackets, cool boots and gloves are provided. After learning about the instructions there are a set of awesome games you must try! And if skating is your thing then this theme park is perfect for you.

    There are many options for kids too!

    National Zoological Park

    The Indian Board for Wildlife felt in the year 1952 to have a zoo in the national capital of the country to provide recreation to people at large. An official from Indian Forest Service Mr. N.D.Bachkheti was assigned the duty on 1st October 1955 to setup this Zoo.The main objective of the National Zoological Park is to complement and strengthen the national efforts in conservation of the rich biodiversity of the country, particularly the wild fauna.

    To achieve this objective the following protocol is adopted: a). Supporting the conservation of endangered species by attempting their coordinated breeding under ex-situ conditions and raise stocks for rehabilitating them in wild as and when it is appropriate and desirable. b). To inspire amongst zoo visitors empathy for wild animals, an understanding and awareness about the need for conservation of natural resources and maintaining ecological balance. c). Providing opportunities for scientific studies useful for conservation in general and creation of data base for sharing between the agencies involved in in-situ and ex-situ conservation. d). to function as Rescue Centre for orphaned wild animals, subject to the availability of appropriate housing and upkeep infrastructure.

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